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fot. Andrzej Sieńkowski


Born in 1992 in Namysłów, Poland. A graduate of Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Faculty of Interior Design and Designing. Graduated with honours in 2016, the degree project: an experimental design and artistic concept entitled Furniture as a result of an interdisciplinary creative process. In 2014, the laureate of the Award of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, and in 2015 the winner of the Artistic Scholarship of the President of Wroclaw. Since 2013, has been running her own design studio KRY_, working in the field of interior design and furniture. Currently also a doctoral student at her alma mater.


Creation is for me a personal experiment, a search for the truth about myself. I am determined to push the boundaries and blur the lines between different disciplines of art. The creative process itself, and analysing factors influencing its course, are hugely important to me. For many years I have been observing the relationships between the fields I am involved in, such as painting, design, architecture and graphics, and how they interact. In painting, I follow my instinct. I like chance and coincidence, but either deliberately left in the work, or removed completely. Before I consider a canvas finished, it is often repainted, sometimes even a dozen times. Most of all, I appreciate interesting composition and colour. I experiment with textures, often using my own paint mixes or additional media such as grains, glue, papers, or films. My work is created in open cycles, which I often revisit and supplement with new paintings.


2016 | Final of Diamond Design 2016

2015 | Artistic Scholarship of the Mayor of Wroclaw
2015 | Final of Young Design 2015 organized by IWP in Warsaw
2015 | Distinction in the competition of poster Plonsk. Archaeological Point. Shadows of the Past.
2015 | Distinction in the furniture competition Vision of Relaxation - Scandinavian functionalism"
2015 | I prize in the design competition of Lamp for Child
2015 | II prize in the design competition PROJECT - EMPLOYMENT
2014 | Award of the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage


2016 | Exhibition of post-diploma project A piece of furniture as result of interdisciplinary creative process | Design Station Gallery | Wroclaw
2016 | Individual postgraduate exhibition A piece of furniture as result of interdisciplinary creative process | ASP Wroclaw
2016 | Collective exibition inspired by 140th anniversary of the trams existence in Wroclaw | Infopunkt Nadodrze, Wroclaw
2016 | Collective exhibition of furinture within the 60th anniversary of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw | ASP Wroc
2015 | Collective exhibition of paintings | Varso-Vie, Warsaw
2015 | Individual exhibitions of paintings | Pochlebna, Warsaw
2015 | Collective exhibition design projects of ASP Wroclaw Trans Design in Liberec
2015 | Collective exibition of paintings within the WrocMost Atelier MOSTY ESK 2016
2015 | Post-competition exhibition Lamp for Child on the XXIII International Fair of Lighting Equipment LIGHT 2015 in Warsaw
2015 | Collective exhibition of furniture's prototypes on the Arena Design in Poznan
2015 | Collective exhibition of Interior Design Department' s projects | ASP Wroc
2014 | Collective exhibition of No X Studio of Painting | Gallery Behind The Glass | ASP Wroc
2014 | Exhibition of showroom Noti it's Easy! for furniture brand Noti | Domar | Wroclaw
2014 | Collective exhibition of prototypes Leather scraps | Łodz Design Festival
2014 | Individual exhibition of paintings Cardboards | ASP Wroc
2013 | Collective installation Unleash your provisions | Gallery BWA Design | Wroclaw
2013 | Individual exhibition of graphics Author's Wroclaw | ASP Wroc
2013 | Collective exhibition of students and professors Paint | MDS Gallery | Wroclaw
2010 | Individual exhibition of painting and drawings Search | OKO Gallery | Olawa


2016 | Design workshops Children's Bathroom | ASP Wroc, Defra
2015 | Participation in the first edition of Art in Uninhabited offices in Wroclaw
2015 | Conducting workshops of painting within the Festival of Painting in Wroclaw | ASP Wroc
2015 | Designer's Good Week in Dobrodzien
2014 | Designer's Good Week in Dobrodzien
2014 | Design workshops Leather scraps | ASP Wroc, Kler
2014 | Design workshops Noti it's Easy! | ASP Wroc, Noti
2014 | Design workshops New Year's Provisions | ASP Wroc, BWA Dizajn
2013 | Polish-Belgian design workshops project oude dokken GENT | ASP Wroc, Gent
2011 | The XVI European Open Air Painting and Sculpture Exhibition | Olawa
2010 | National Open Air Painting in Kazimierz Biskupi

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